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You know how this goes. You'll spend time on a gorgeous beach and snap iPhone shots of your kids - and then you'll get home and YOU won't be in any of them. (Except maybe one where you handed the phone to a stranger and they cut off the sunset.) Let's fix that. 

Want to hear a secret? Play and adventure is a sneaky way to bring you together to laugh and connect as a family. It helps me see who you really are, so I can create meaningful portraits full of personality and love. After all, you deserve photos that capture more than what you look like standing on a beach.

Let's make some memories together! 

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"I cried. Cried super ugly happy tears"

"I cried. Cried super ugly happy tears. They turned out beautifully, and showed the fun, sweetness & pure sass of my family. Thank you so so much!"

 D. Hodge


"we would love to keep getting behind your lens."

"Our only regret is that you are in Hawaii and we are all the way in Connecticut. Because, really, we would love to keep getting behind your lens." 


"The entire experience was magical."

“The entire experience was magical. sounds dumb to say magical, but i can’t think of another word for it. The session was perfect!”

J Engelbrecht


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About Little Bird

From diving into the depths of the ocean to capturing the beauty of Hawaii’s landscapes, my passion for adventure is contagious. When I’m not exploring Hawaii’s great outdoors, I’m busy creating fun, playful photo sessions that showcase the joy and love of families.

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Friendly, fun, and professional photography capturing Oahu's vibrant spirit and breathtaking landscapes for unforgettable memories.

Delightful, upbeat Hawaii photography sessions in Maui, preserving the island's enchanting beauty and cherished family moments.

Adventurous Hawaiian photography in Kauai that captures the lush scenery and precious memories of your visit with a playful touch.

Photos should capture more than your family standing around on a beach hoping everyone will cooperate ...

Let Little Bird Photo & Films professional Hawaii Photographers customize a mini adventure so you can enjoy making photos as much as the final images. We’ll capture the beauty of play so you can take home wonderful images and memories of time spent with your favorite people.

what if you could change how it feels to have family photos taken?