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You know how this goes: You spend time on a gorgeous beach and snap iPhone shots of your kids - then you'll get home and YOU aren't in any of them.

Yet, you might not be sure how your family would react to an 'official' photo sessions - after all, you're here to have fun.

We believe you don't have to choose between 'fun' and 'photos'. You can adore your images and love making them too.

We are Little Bird (three playful souls who teamed up to make sure someone is always available), here to take the kinds of images you're going to want to print and post everywhere

Let's go make your next favorite family photo, shall we?

Let's make some memories together! 

Three renegade Oahu, Hawaii photographers & videographers here to create your next favorite family beach photos.

Serving Oahu, Hawaii & All Islands

Your session will be the having-a-blast highlight of your entire week.

There will be no 'standing on a beach, hoping everyone cooperates.' As professional Hawaii photographers, we follow the rhythms of your unique family. Your session is not something you “get done” so you can go play - the photos are the play. 

what if you could change how it feels to have family photos taken?

We know Hawaii like the back of our hand. We help you keep a piece of it, forever.

Playful Photos

add a family film

Whether you live on island or will visit for the first time, our sessions are a soft place to land. We know the secret spots and will watch the weather, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy. Yes really - we do this week in and week out. We let you keep Hawaii exactly as you remember it, together with your people. Hold this sunrise, this splash, this quiet hug in your hands, always

Remember pushing old family videos into your VCR? The tape went through the little door and memories lit the living room. Magic comes when you add motion and sound. Add a short film to any session, and we’ll bring a videographer to stitch moments together into a gorgeous memento to watch anywhere (& this time there’s no danger of accidentally taping over it - wink).

"I have at least one shy child (sometimes three) -

…and one very reluctant spouse. However it all worked out wonderfully. My shy child loved the nets you brought and my spouse warmed up quickly when we began working with you. The wind was crazy, but the pictures turned out beautifully!”

J Engelbrecht


"she was flexible"

"Heather initiated the discussion about the the weather. She was flexible to move the shoot for optimal weather, and that was very helpful!"

 D. Hodge


"just being ourselves"

"We were unfamiliar with professional photography. We weren't sure what to expect or how it would turn out – but the session ended up being very natural and we had a lot of fun just being ourselves.” 


l conser

"We had a very large group with different personalities and desires

Heather handled it all perfectly, everyone was happy!”

M castro


"I was worried we wouldn’t seem relaxed since we were doing sunrise photos.  -

But you made it very easy and casual and the photos turned out great.”

J hunter


Google wants me to introduce myself as 'Oahu, Hawaii Family & Couples Photographer.' But I prefer "Adventurer-in-Chief."

About Little Bird

I’m Heather, principal photographer at Little Bird. I have assembled a team of likeminded photographers who all use the same methods to make sure we offer year-round coverage for playful families across Oahu (my home), Maui, and Kauai.
Learn more about how I swapped photographing wildlife to the wildest life of all (families) here >>

Meet Heather & The team

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you don't have to pose                 



12 years of Fun and Playful Hawaii Photography for Families

Trusted Hawaii Photographers

Oahu is Heather’s home base, and we know every inch and microclimate. One reason we don’t worry too much about weather is because we know which beaches will be sunny when another is rainy - twelve years of experience holding nimble, fun sessions really helps!

One of our favorite places for Maui family photography features beautiful coastal forest, with lush jungle-y trees right next to the ocean. There’s also upcountry Maui for families searching for non-beach scenery. Whatever magic you’re hoping to find, we’ll help.

The pace for Kauai family photo sessions is slow. It has more of a country feel, with a sound track of roosters to go with the waves. As you can only drive around the perimeter, the island nudges you to go on a big adventure.