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Embrace the Untamed Beauty of Kauai with Little Bird Photography

Embark on a journey of discovery, wonder, and heartwarming moments in Kauai

You're wandering through a secret garden in Kauai, the sweet scent of tropical flowers filling the air as the gentle sound of cascading water echoes in the distance. Your loved ones' laughter blends harmoniously with the island's symphony, and the warm sun casts a radiant glow on your faces.

At Little Bird Photography, we don't just capture these moments – we create immersive experiences that unveil the hidden gems of Kauai, the Garden Isle. Our personalized photo and video services for families and couples capture the heart of Kauai's untamed beauty.

Unveil the Hidden Gems of Kauai with Little Bird

An adventure the entire family with enjoy

Photo & video options 

From enchanting waterfalls to dramatic coastlines, we'll take you on an unforgettable journey filled with wonder, joy, and memories that will stand the test of time.

Experience the sights, sounds, and emotions of your Kauai escapade

Embrace the essence of your Garden Isle adventure in motion

Our breathtaking photographs may whisk you back to the unforgettable moments in Kauai, but there's an undeniable charm in seeing your memories come alive through video. Our gifted videographers are committed to capturing the spirit of your journey, from the harmonious whispers of the ocean breeze to the tender moments shared with your loved ones.

With our video service, you'll receive an artfully crafted short film that narrates your Kauai adventure. Whether it's a family trip filled with heartwarming experiences or a cozy, romantic escapade, our videography will enable you to cherish those memories for a lifetime.

the Beauty of Kauai on a personal film

"If you're going to Hawaii...you HAVE to hire Heather"

"If you're going to Hawaii - I don't care what Island you are going to - you HAVE to hire Heather at Little Bird Photography to capture this time with your family. As a photographer myself, I am SUPER picky but she was amazing, and I love her style."

B. Schrader


"...genuine, perfect expressions"

"My husband and I started laughing the moment we saw the first photo because of the genuine, perfect expression of resigned tolerance on our baby's face as we hugged her tight in a group huddle, Very similar to how our cats look when we try to hug them."


"The best I've ever seen"

"I have looked at a lot of photography over the years and am pretty hard to impress and I can say that Heather is the best I've ever seen. She is a natural who knows her stuff and it shows in every single photo." 


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Kauai Photography Pricing

Hawaiian Full Story

Experience a 2-hour ultimate adventure encapsulating your family's unique energies and Hawaii's wonder in high-res images and a curated short film, a Hawaiian keepsake that will play on an infinite loop.

2-hour Personalized Adventure

High Res Image Previews in Online Gallery & Custom Family Film

Digital Files & Professional Prints Available for Purchase Separately

Hawaiian Adventure Story

Embark on a custom-tailored, 2-hour Hawaiian escapade with your family! Unforgettable moments captured in high-res images, each reflecting the joy, love, and connection that make your family unique.

2-hour Personalized Adventure

High Res Image Previews in Online Gallery

1-hour Personalized Adventure

Immerse in a 1-hour family-oriented, custom portrait session tailored to your interests and lifestyle, captured in stunning high-resolution images. Please note, this session does not include water play images.

High Res Image Previews in Online Gallery


Digital Files & Professional Prints Available for Purchase Separately

Hawaiian Short Story

Digital Files & Professional Prints Available for Purchase Separately