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This is not your typical, tantrum-filled family portrait session.

Say goodbye to frustrating photo shoots and awkward poses. Hello, fun and playful memories! Little Bird Photography offers a unique approach to family photography in Hawaii. We believe in the power of play and adventure.

Our team of playful photographers and videographers serve throughout Oahu and can travel to all Hawaiian Islands. We make your Hawaii vacation photo excursion fun and exciting!

Hawaii Photographer & Videographer

"they told a story, our story."

"The images we received didn't just have a kid standing in front of the ocean. They told a story, our story. For that, I am forever grateful. Mahalo."

H. Kramer 


"we would love to keep getting behind your lens."

"Our only regret is that you are in Hawaii and we are all the way in Connecticut. Because, really, we would love to keep getting behind your lens." 


"...really capture the kids' spirits"

"Thank you doesn't begin to say how grateful we are for the amazing photos! They are so "us" and really capture the kids’ spirits."

N. Hynson


An fun-filled approach to Hawaii Portraits

We do things differently

Adventure Filled

Plunge headfirst into Oahu's awe-inspiring landscapes with Little Bird's action-packed photo sessions. Our unique approach guarantees that unforgettable memories are snapped in the midst of Hawaii's show-stopping panoramas, leaving your friends back home utterly gobsmacked!

Playful Experience

At Little Bird, we whip up a chilled-out, fun-filled setting for your family photography adventure. Our skill in catching unscripted moments of chuckles and bliss transforms each session into a genuinely pleasurable and memorable journey through the pages of your family's storybook.

High-quality Art

Safeguard your treasured recollections with Little Bird's extraordinary photo products. Our unwavering dedication to top-notch quality guarantees that each snapshot is a jaw-dropping work of art, just begging to be flaunted in your humble abode and shown off to your nearest and dearest.

Where Play


Meet the adventurous soul behind the camera, 

There was a sudden rainstorm at the playground. I ran for cover and that’s when I saw it - a small camera, rusting under the slides. I had to rescue it. Water dripped from the viewfinder as I held it up to my eight-year-old cheek, and I saw the world in a frame for the first time.

Even hooked on images, I still didn’t set out to become a photographer. Instead I went into biology, and spent several years as a “bio bum,” traveling around the USA working in wildlife conservation. I ended up in Hawaii earning a master’s degree in conservation biology, working to protect seabirds. I got married, and had children, and adventures continued to unfold.

I circled back to the viewfinder, which I had been using to photograph wildlife, and started using it to photograph the wildest life of all - families. I love the chaos, energy, and little gestures inherent to each family. I find myself drawn to families whenever I’m out. I watch them play and protect and care for one another. It’s fascinating how these movements can be so beautiful.

Now, I’ve been exploring Hawaii with my family for 16 years. I know how the weather works, how the tides run, how the light looks at that beach at sunrise in October and sunset in April. I still talk biology shop - often with kids exploring tide pools at photo sessions (one kid recently held my interest with an extended conversation about komodo dragons). But best of all I get to see your world in a frame for the first time, and help you see just how beautiful it is.

I’d love for you to tell me more about you. Head over here to introduce yourself!

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