Oahu Family reunion Photography

Preserve your special life events with professional photography and videography that radiates warmth and joy. 

We applaud your epic feat of planning, bringing generations and branches of loved ones together! Please let us catch the memories so you can be present and enjoy the event you put so much effort and love into creating.

Family reunions, extended family vacations, and family parties all have that special, once-in-a-lifetime feeling. Even if it’s an annual event, so much changes in between. From big laughs between cousins to the tender hugs between grandparents and their little ones, let us capture your family exactly as they are now. 

As your photographers, we go with the flow - we can stay invisible to capture candid moments, or cheerfully wrangle the group photo (even if people roll their eyes now, you know their eyes will be misty later…) We’d be honored to be a tiny part of your special time together.


Family Reunions

Can I empathize for a second? It can be a little nerve-wracking to go online and hunt down a photographer who you trust will match the vibe of your family. Maybe you’ve been searching around for ‘Oahu event photo and video,’ and all you’re coming up with are folks who photograph weddings or corporate events. But you’ve been dreaming of someone who can deliver those clean, beautiful portraits of everyone together on the beach, happy and sun-kissed. Portraits that let you remember the amazing time you had, and the fact that you miraculously got the gang there. Yes, it is possible. Get in touch. We will make those photos for you.

Family Parties

Are you celebrating something exciting? Or just getting together for some much-overdue together time? We offer Oahu event photo and video services that are tailored for gatherings of any size.

 Whether you’re having an intimate family dinner, a loud graduation celebration, or a baby shower packed with people you love, we will match your tone, be sensitive to everyone’s needs, and create images that will go down in family history books. We’d love to be there - give us a shout!

Extended Family + Friend Groups

These are your people. You’ve put so much effort into getting everyone together! Amidst booking flights and houses or hotels, give us a shout - it makes perfect sense to create flattering images of your favorite people in Oahu. Even if some people in the group don’t seem to care much about photos now, you know as soon as a gorgeous image is made, everyone is going to want a copy afterwards. Do it. Give us a call. We will make it happen!

We've got you covered for ...

"We could not be happier!"

“We had a huge group of 16 people 8 adults and 8 kids. We never felt rushed. Each family had equal pictures to choose from. We could not be happier! The pictures are AMAZING! You even managed to capture the personality of each of the grandchildren as well as the relationship of each family group. Everyone that has seen the pictures has been in awe of how well they turned out...”


Heather Butner

"Everyone was Happy"

"We had a very large group with lots of different personalities and desires. Heather handled them all perfectly, everyone was happy!"

Erin Roberie


"I cried. Cried super ugly happy tears"

"I cried. Cried super ugly happy tears. They turned out beautifully, and showed the fun, sweetness & pure sass of my family. Thank you so so much!"

 D. Hodge


book a Group Session

Whether you live on island or will visit for the first time, our sessions are a soft place to land. We know the secret spots and will watch the weather, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy. Yes really - we do this week in and week out. We let you keep Hawaii exactly as you remember it, together with your people. Hold this sunrise, this splash, this quiet hug in your hands, always.

Film + Photo Session

Remember pushing old family videos into your VCR? The tape went through the little door and memories lit the living room. Magic comes when you add motion and sound. Add a short film to any session, and we’ll record video alongside photos and stitch moments together into a gorgeous memento to watch anywhere (& this time there’s no danger of accidentally taping over it - wink).

Fun photo session

Please note: Sessions do not include digital images or prints. All images are purchased separately after the session with collections starting at $795. Session allows up to 6 people; add additional people for $25/person. All sales are subject to Hawaii 4.71% general excise tax. 



full story

adventure story

Planning of your morning adventure

Planning of your morning adventure

An hour or two of session time – some adventures last longer than others, the length will suit your schedule and the fun we plan!

An hour or two of session time – some adventures last longer than others, the length will suit your schedule and the fun we plan!

A diverse gallery of edited images to select from. Gallery size varies depending on what we’re up to but expect at least 40 images

A diverse gallery of edited images to select from. Gallery size varies depending on what we’re up to but expect at least 40 images

a one-of-a-kind short film set to thoughtfully hand-selected licensed music that encapsulates the essence of your family. Most films range from 1-2 minutes in length.

Get my top ten list of spots in Oahu complete with photos + directions, so you know exactly what to expect. You’ll also receive ongoing adventures, beautiful images and happy updates. Escape to the islands once a month and learn exactly how to enjoy Hawaii like someone who raises their family here!

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