Getting a ‘nice’ family photo can feel impossible. We get it!

Tired of being the invisible parent in your iPhone photos? Say goodbye to awkward stranger shots and let Little Bird capture your family's photos.

At Little Bird Photography & Films, we make family photos a delightful experience. Two times throughout the year (spring & fall), we offer quick and easy photo mini-sessions. Our Oahu Mini Sessions are the perfect way to showcase your family’s beauty and happiness without all the hassle.

Oahu Mini Sessions

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New to Mini Sessions?

What are mini sessions?

Mini sessions are short photography sessions, designed to capture beautiful moments in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Our Oahu mini sessions offer a unique opportunity to create stunning images without the time commitment or cost of a full photography session.

Why Choose mini session?

Little Bird mini sessions are the ideal choice for local Oahu families who want a few high-quality, professional photos in a simplified format. Mini sessions are easy, quick solutions for updating your family album, or simply capturing the joy of island life.

What to expect

During your Oahu mini session, you’ll enjoy a simplified and quick portrait session (only 15 minutes) where we guide your family through a series of poses and candid moments. After your session, you’ll receive a carefully curated selection of high-resolution, professionally edited images.

Effortless, lively, and brimming with character – Little Bird's mini sessions capture your family's current chapter in a flash! 

Speedy family pics that create priceless keepsakes

Quick & Easy

Happy moments, Beautifully captured.

Mini sessions are designed to be easy and low fuss so you can relax. Come dressed and we will take care of the rest! You’ll be finished and back and the road in as little as 15 minutes!

You know how quickly childhood passes but doing “all the things” is hard. Give yourself a break and let us do some of the heavy liftings so you always have a recent photo of you and your favorite people.


Share your memories with loved ones who are far away or add a bit of happiness to your walls with framed prints.

Mini Session Booking

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Pssst...Booking is not open yet, get on the list when the next date is released.

Aloha, I’m Heather, wrangler of children. Get ready for a fun photo mini session on Oahu with me! I’ve specialized in family photography for over 10 years and I have lots of sneaky tricks up my sleeve that leads to real smiles and connections. That means you don’t have to worry about the kids behaving. Yay, for pain-free photos!

Aloha, I’m Heather. Get ready for a fun and upbeat photo mini session on Oahu with me! 

MEET Your OAHU Photographer

"You'll just be having fun."

"Nothing is scripted or forced. You won't even notice there's a camera on you. You'll just be having fun."

Stacy Sunaoka 


"created lifetime memories for our family"

“...My husband, who is usually very critical of photos of himself is so so happy with how our shoot came out and were excited to print them...”


T. Taxis

"The Best I've Ever Seen"

"I have looked at a lot of photography over the years and am pretty hard to impress and I can say that Heather is the best I've ever seen. She is a natural who knows her stuff and it shows in every single photo."


Three years after my son was born we sat close together on the couch. I was beaming with pride after finally finishing our first family album. I opened its stiff pages for the first time while he crawled into my lap. Excitedly, but with great care, he began to flip through the pages. “Ooh, I remember that place!” he squeaked. And “look, there’s Papa!” “Silly Papa.”

Page after page he delighted in the images and I was feeling pretty good about myself until we got to the end. “Where were you, Mama?” What do you mean? I asked. “Where were you when all these pictures were taken?” My heart broke. I hadn't lost all the baby weight and was feeling self-conscious so I was much more comfortable behind the camera. Sadly, the result was that I wasn’t in a single photo. The next day, I booked our first professional family photoshoot so he would always know I was there too.

Keepsake Memories

Because You matter

Family mini sessions help you...

• Create memorable portraits together, stress-free.
• Celebrate annually in a family-friendly setting.
• Get in the photos yourself for a change because you are important too.
• Share your memories with loved ones who are far away or add a bit of happiness to your walls with framed prints.

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Capture cherished memories in a stress-free, family-friendly setting for local families.

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If you're looking for something personalized, explore our family sessions.

Nothing delights me more than a local family pulling kids to the beach in a wagon piled high with salty gear. Maybe your years here won’t last forever, but you want to remember your family rhythms and delightful chaos. Show me what your Hawaii looks like. How your family loves and lives in your favorite spaces. 

Your morning adventure might start at home making pancakes, and proceed to your favorite patch of shore or forest. It’s true that living here tends to push us out of doors - quarters can be tight, and some people may hesitate to invite me into their indoor lives. But home is also where little moments unroll. You won’t even realize until later how important they were. Consider beginning the morning there, and then we’ll venture outside to revel in the light and lushness of Hawaii. You get all the sun-soaked images you want, plus a few more to make you weep ten years from now. Trust me.

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