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My session fee includes travel anywhere on Oahu. There are restrictions on some public spaces, but if it’s legal I’ll meet you there! If you’d like me to meet you in Maui, Big Island, or Kauai, a small travel fee will apply - simply let me know!

Not to worry – I photograph dozens of local families and vacationers each year. The overwhelming majority of sessions proceed as scheduled. I check the weather forecast 2-3 days before our session. If rain comes up – we have multiple options! First, Hawaii is full of microclimates, which means that rain is often local – we can drive to a different spot on the island without the rain. Bonus: distant clouds can add beauty and visual interest even more than straight sunshine. Alternatively, we can reschedule for the next day – we tend to plan sessions toward the beginning of your trip to give us that buffer if needed. I have never been unable to get great images for someone because of the weather. I will watch the forecast for you and present a game plan if need be.

I get this, I’m every bit as in love with Hawaii as you are (or will be!). This is why when you book me, I become part travel agent: I learn more about your family and put a lot of thought into where I suggest we go and do. I’ve been exploring the island with my own kids for over 11 years and I know what meshes with interests, ages, and stages.

Photos aren’t a separate ‘thing to do’ in a sense – you spend quality time together, actually enjoy it, and come away with beautiful visual memories. Let me help you acclimate to the island, show you a few secret spots, and send you off to the rest of your vacation! Several clients have told me their session was the highlight of the trip.

Your images will be ready 2-3 weeks after we meet and your family film will take a couple of weeks longer. I don’t limit how many images I take or send, I simply focus on the moments as they unfold. Typically, clients end up with 40-70 images – plenty to print, share on Facebook, or make an album!

Unfortunately, no. Most songs, especially popular songs, are prohibitively expensive to license, and I try to keep my films affordable to families. I carefully select music that fits the feeling from our time together.

Best portrait times in Hawaii are sunrise and sunset. Traveling from the mainland? Use jet lag to your advantage with an early sunrise session 2-3 days after arrival. Families with older kids or not morning people? Opt for an evening session mid-trip.

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